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'The thief wears a burning hat' - and LOKI, the Norse god of cunning, deception and fire

"...the Norse god [of cunning, deception and fire] LOKI has extremely negative features because he represents the demoniac enemy of the cosmic order; he is the cosmic evil. However, on the one hand, the etymology and meaning of his name is still uncertain [!?], on the other in Homer the term loigós means "plague, destruction, ruin" (Iliad 1.97, 21.138), which corresponds to the adjective loígios, "ruinous, deadly" (Iliad 1.518). Felice Vinci 'Homer and Baltic. The Migration of Myth'.

'The thief wears a burning hat', they say in Britain. And they say exactly the same in Russian: "На воре и шапка горит".

Let's connect these proverbs back to LOKI and to:

LOGA (Icel.) - to burn;
LOG (archaic Icel.) - flame, light;
lóche (arch. Irish) - lightning;
луч [luch] (Rus.) - ray;
luce (It.), lūх (Lat.), ljós (Icel.), lys, lyset (Dan.), ljus, ljuset (Sw.), Licht (Ger.) - light (Eng.);
λευκός [leukόs] (гр.) - adj. bright, light;
լույս [luys] (Armen.) - light;
լուսին [lusin] (Armen.) - moon;
ਲਿਖੋ [Likhō] (Pandjabi) - to burn;
LEEK, gen. LEEGI (Est.), liekki (Fin.) - flame;
lõke, gen. lõkke (Est.) - bonfire;
lee (Est.), liesi (Fin.) - hearth;
flash (Eng.) - a lightning;
blaze (Eng.) - a bright fire; etc.

Cм. ЛУЧ: https://anti-fasmer.livejournal.com/256577.html

См. ЛУКАВЫЙ: https://anti-fasmer.livejournal.com/536178.html

См. ЛИСА и хитрая наука этимология: https://new-etymology.livejournal.com/18420.html

См. Что такое ХОРОШО и что такое ПЛОХО: https://new-etymology.livejournal.com/2322.html
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