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To the memory of Vladislav Illich-Svitych.

This is just to bring attention to something very ‘Nostratic’ (far beyond ‘Indo-European’ languages — which as a term itself is very outdated):

udi̮ni̮ (Udmurt), udni̮ (Komi) - to give to drink;
utta (Vepssian) - squeeze out;
udar, gen. udara (Est.), udār (ливон.), uhar (Votic), uar (Izhora), utare, udar (Fin.), udareh (Karelian), udare (Ludic), udar (Veps.) - udder, feeding breast;
odar (Erzia., Moksha), βoδar, vodar (Mari) - udder, feeding breast;
udder (archaic Eng.), uder (archaic Frisian), uyder (archaic Dutch), uijer (Dutch), utar (archaic Ger.), Euter (Ger.) - udder, feeding breast;
[outhar] (Greek), uber (Latin) - udder, feeding breast;
[udhar] (Sanskrit) - udder, feeding breast.

udu (Estonian, Izhora, Karelian), u’d (Livonian), utu (Votic, Finnish) - fog;
udo (Latin) - to wet; udus (Latin) - wet, juicy;
उदधि [udadhi] (Sanskrit) - sea;
уута [uuta] (Yakut) - water;
udu (Karelian) - fog;
удун [udun] (Evenkian) - rain, rainfall;
udan (Jawan) - rain;
udaka (Pali) - water;
[vudu] (Arab.) - ablution, pouring with water;
вода [woda] (Slavic) — water;
vesi, plural vett (Est., Fin.) — water;
water (Eng.) — water (noun); wet (Eng.) — to wet (verb); wet (adj.).

It is a great pity that Illich-Svitych* works, including the incomplete Comparative Dictionary of Nostratic Languages have never been fully digitalized (there is a pdf scan available, but it is impossible to copy-paste Illich-Svitych examples, nor re-type them, due to the so many alphabetic scripts used by him).

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladislav_Illich-Svitych
Tags: english etymology beyond indo-europeism, nostratic languages hypothesis is alive

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