Kalju Patustaja (new_etymology) wrote,
Kalju Patustaja

WINE and RUM, the joy and pleasure

WINE, VINO, ВИНО, οἶνος [ONOS] ('probably from a lost Mediterranean language word': http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=wine )

Lost? Old Eng. WYNN, WYN, Livonian vȯņ, Est. ÕNN, Fin. ONNI, Hebrew [ONEG] עונג - счастье, блажение, happyness, joy, allegria, felicitas.

All must be related to some 'lingua franca' of the Sea Peoples (pirates and merchants).

These Sea Peoples must have also known another drink, the RUM, and its meaning being the synonymous RÕÕM, rõõmu; riem, ruem, riemu (Est.), rȭm (Livonian), riemu (Fin.), öröm (Hung.), आराम [ārāma] (Sanskrit) - pleasure, happiness, delight, ecstasy, triumph.

Of interest, the main words of the Estonian state hymn - say:

• Mu IsaMaa, mu ÕNN ja RÕÕM - 'My FatherLand, my Happiness and Joy', "Моя Отчизна, мои радость и счастье!"

Don't want to offend anyone, but the relation of the words is clear — не хочу никого обидеть, но связь слов очевиднейшая:

• My fatherland, my WINE and RUM ! Моя Отчая Земля — мои ВИНО и РОМ !

The Seafaring people knew very well the meaning!

Tags: english etymology beyond indo-europeism, geography, history

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