Kalju Patustaja (new_etymology) wrote,
Kalju Patustaja

Shocking, yet obvious...

We live in a grand-grand illusion (including 'history' created today).

Evident are the word coincidences in all the languages, and a mix-up, using some kind of a 'matrix'.

Same evident is the repetitive use of same river names worldwide.

And the concrete semi-constructed useless megaliths, created worldwide, at a god knows which cost!

Question as to who were 'they' who created this illusory world around us (and continuously create, with our own hands!), is probably irrelevant.

Below are some nonsense structures, in fact mere tourist attractions, which I managed to see myself when in Olympia in Turkey (something repetitively copied worldwide):

Houses like that with mere outer walls!

Learn more - here: https://gorojanin-iz-b.livejournal.com/89184.html

A huge Truman Show is what we all live in.

Not sure whether I myself have to continue writing / posting anything. Being in any case influenced by the official texts and history versions (starting from dating of events and artefacts), I might thus be supporting the official versions anyway. Need to stop this circulus vitiosus at least for myself. Like Truman did.
Tags: fake history

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